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802 Reviews
802 Reviews
802 Reviews
802 Reviews
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802 Reviews
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"Would highly recommend Dr. Reidler"

"When my daughter's scoliosis was progressing and becoming more painful, Dr. Reidler was recommended as a surgeon who operates without relying on blood transfusions. We were very happy with his compassionate manner, thorough explanations, and surgical skill which led to excellent outcome and successful recovery. He came to personally check on her every day after surgery, even on the weekend. It made her comfortable to see the doctor she knew. Her pain was well managed also, which made me feel relieved. Would highly recommend Dr Reidler and the entire team at Englewood Hospital. They took excellent care of my daughter through serious surgery. She has returned to doing all the things she loves." - Suzanne P

"he has excellent communication"

"The experience with Doctor Jay ' Reidler was fantastic my wife's back pain went away for good and for all. I recommend you to visit him he has an excellent communication with his patients as well as his patients 's love one.Thanks Doctor Jay's Reidler for your service." - Eulalio D

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"direct, honest, and warm"

"Dr. Reidler performed a double laminectomy on my lumbar spine in November, 2022. It has been a real success, delivering me from crippling pain. As well as being a fine surgeon, whom I would highly recommend for his skill, he is direct, honest, and warm, demonstrating real care for his patients." - Oriel E

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"a top-notch surgeon"

"Following several spinal surgeries, I developed a fractured vertebra. I interviewed many surgeons looking for one I felt qualified to take on my case. I was luckily introduced to Dr. Jay Reidler, a top-notch surgeon, bar none, at Metropolitan Neurosurgery Associates. He is blessed with the skills that define the epitome of a doctor: highly skilled, compassionate, and caring. He was always there to check in on my progress, even after hours. Dr. Reidler and his colleagues were instrumental in bringing the newest technologies to Englewood Health. I was amazed that shortly after a six-hour surgery, I was walking through the hallways after being bedridden for the better part of a year. I am truly grateful to Dr. Reidler and his team at Metropolitan Neurosurgery Associates." - Marcie B

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"staff is wonderful and helpful"

"Dr. Reidler's office came highly recommend by my primary physician. Dr. Reidler is very thorough and caring in how he approaches his patients. He explained my case to me and was very honest as to what the outcome would be. I'm very satisfied with how my back feels now. There is a vast improvement over what it felt like before surgery. I would recommend Dr. Reidler to anyone who asks. Furthermore, his staff is wonderful and helpful, as was the staff at Englewood Hospital. He's a wonderful doctor!" - Joseph T

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"He is an incredible doctor!"

"Dr. Reidler preformed spinal fusion surgery on our 19 years old son. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. He is an incredible doctor! He preformed bloodless surgery according to our wishes. The scar on his back is so minimal thanks to Dr. Reidler's skilled hands! Highly recommend him!" - Nora S

Physiotherapy with patient and skeleton explaining cause of back pain

"Dr. Reidler so far is the most promising physician"

"I'm currently in the early stages of looking into back surgery and saw Dr. Reidler for my condition. I've also consulted with two other surgeons ( neurosurgeon & orthopedics spine). Dr. Reidler so far is the most promising physician. He was very thorough in his testing and went over in details about my MRI and xray. I didn't feel rushed during the consultation and he was a good listener. Overall it was a good experience. Also, the front desk and the person that picks up Dr. Reidler's call is very helpful and pleasant!" - Christine K

"He is very gentle and kind"

"I don't normally post reviews but i guess i owe this one to Dr. Jay Reidler. From the moment i met him to the time i had my surgery, he has shown me true compassion. He is very gentle and kind with me. He explains it the way i would understand and feel comfortable about doing the surgery. The people that works in the office also reflects the mission and goal of Dr. Jay Reidler. From my appointments to getting me ready for surgery, it was a smooth ride all the way through. Thank you." - Elizabeth C

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"full of caring and being helpful to my needs"

"Went to see Dr. Reidler to to issues with my neck. MRI showed spinal stenosis which needed immediate treatment. Dr Reidler was fantastic. He explained fully what was going on and what treatment was needed. He showed compassion and made me feel comfortable in what was needed to be done. He came in to my room the next morning and saw improvement and I could see in his eyes the care he has for his patients. It was an unfortunate situation I was in, but he took away all the fear and anxiety. Still healing but doing better every day. An angel ! Thank you Dr Reidler from the bottom of my heart. PS all his staff was amazing as well, full of caring and being helpful to my needs." - Pete P

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"God bless Dr. Jay Reidler "

"Dr. Reidler deserves 10 stars but Google only gives 5. (He is Harvard Trained i believe) He is A GOD SEND to patients with spinal issues, I had 2 levels fused. Its barely a month but I know Dr. Jay Reidler did his all and I will heal and be the very best. He added Computer Brain Neuro Specialists that came in so he can make sure he did everything possible to alleviate nerve pain going down leg. God bless Dr. Jay Reidler and credit to his colleague who gave my case and worked diligently on my surgery as well Dr. Yakov Gologorsky whom credit is also due! You’ll be in Gods hands with these surgeons! No need to go to NYC CT BSTN!" - Benny R